5 KW & 3KW Off Grid System - Jalil International Hospital

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: 5 KW & 3KW Off Grid System - Jalil International Hospital

The System Has Two Inverters 5KW and 3KW Which Take Power from Utility Grid, Charge the Battery and When the Utility Power Disconnects the Inverter Run Loads/ Machines with Batteries Power.

Applications Of This System Is To Provide Uninterruptible Power To Critical Load Of Laboratory And X-Ray Equipment.

In Future The Client Has Choice To Add Solar Power Of 3000 Watts And 5000 Watts To The Exist System Which Will Cause Bill Reduction.

Benefits to The Customer: 

·         The Sensitive Loads in Labs Are Now Secure from Unwanted Shutdown, In This Way the Risk of Software and Hardware Damage Is Eliminated.

·         Now the Hospital Provide Services Smoothly, If the Utility Grid Disconnects.

·         The Client Get Red of Generator, Which Required Operator and Also Cause Air and Noise Pollution.


·         Zealous – 5KW Off-Grid Inverter, Quantity = 1

·         Zealous – 3KW Off-Grid Inverter, Quantity = 1

·         OsakaDeep Cycle Flooded Batteries (185AH), Quantity = 6