5KW On/Off Grid System - E-11/3 Islamabad

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: 5KW On/Off Grid System - E-11/3 Islamabad

This is an On/Off-Grid (Hybrid) Solar system, installed by our team of experienced Engineers & Technicians, at the residence in Sector E-11/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. This Solar System uses Solar energy at first priority, when the solar energy fades away in the evening, it utilizes utility as a second source of power supply and when the utility goes off the battery backup comes into play.

Benefits to the customer:

  • This solar system fulfills the need of daily power consumption of the customer
  • It has net-metering option and the customer will sell his excess power to the WAPDA.
  • It has reduced the monthly utility bill of the customer by 70%.
  • It has ensured the provision of 24-hour power supply to the customer with full 220V voltage.


  • Installed Solar System = 5 KW
  • Zealous – Low Frequency, 5 KVA/KW On/Off-Grid (Hybrid) Inverter, Quantity = 1
  • Zealous – Solar Panels (280W), Quantity = 15
  • Zealous – Gel Batteries (12V, 200Ah), Quantity = 4